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Special Beneficiaries Estate Planning

Each LegacyChange Plan is a simple transfer of an individual's appreciated assets that funnel through a non-profit company, which generates a tax deduction that solves the tax problem, plus also creates a guaranteed income stream for the owner and beneficiaries that over time will replace the full value of the asset. This non-revocable income stream can prevent beneficiary disagreements about sale of assets as in a trust or will.  Any or all assets of value are eligible. Some call a LegacyChange Plan an economical Reverse Charitable Trust with guaranteed income.

A LegacyChange Plan allows asset owners to economically gift real estate, annuities and other assets. 

An Intermediary assists to arrange the plan. Your charity receives the gifting.  The Intermediary assists one to understanding the plan. The Intermediary touches no funds  The giver pays the Intermediary nothing.

The gift $ can go direct to the giver charity with the documentation handled by a Christian charity that has a 20 year experience record. With the LegacyChange Plan most of the proceeds can be returned over time by guaranteed contract (guaranteed as annuity) to the owner or beneficiaries that allows current significant tax deductions that can carry forward five years. Probate and family inheritance challenges are avoided.

This economical simplified system allows a path  for those who avoid charitable trust attorneys and the challenges the documentation, time and expense they fear. A simplified method allows those to gift who otherwise do not.  Advise if can assist.

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Special Beneficiaries Estate Planning

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