LegacyChange Plans

Estate Asset Information

No Options For
Senior Clients?

For Retiring Clients who:


Feel locked into an asset because of capital gain taxes or surrender charges

Are concerned about passing taxable annuity gains on to their heirs

Need to offset the tax consequences of accessing qualified funds or RMDs

Would prefer a tax-favored income stream or want to set up a structured inheritance for their children

Feel that they are paying too much in taxes


Are You Feeling the Pain of a Roth Conversion?


LegacyChange Plans can take the sting out of a Roth Conversion:

Offset the tax consequences of Roth Conversion

Provide structured inheritance for heirs

Support client's favorite charity

Choice of gain or income stream


Appropriate planning can make the difference when taxes are an issue. Talk to an LCP representative about how our programs can benefit your clients


By the end of 2019, over $15 trillion worth of inheritance will pass through the probate courts in America. The #1 asset sold first is the real estate. 

We inform and can assist for efficient economical transfer of asset ownership.


Asset Transfer - Non-Tax Burden - Gifting Legacy - Keep Estate Planning Private




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Answer the few questions on this Transaction Worksheet and

see if a LegacyChange Plan could fit into client retirement plans!


Minimizing Inheritance Conflict

Not all programs are available in every state. LegacyChange, 1LessTax or 1031FEC do not provide tax or legal advice.

LegacyChange Plans are not FDIC insured or Investments

Tax and Legal Advisers Recommended.   We can assist finding attorney.

Advanced Asset Funding for Heirs Go Here:  Cash Advance


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