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What is a LegacyChange Plan?

Economical and flexible life and after estate plans. Can replace assets economically and simplified in lieu of maintaining assets in an expensive and time consuming trust or will. Each individual's personal LegacyChange Plan can involve a simple transfer of assets such as Securities, Annuities, Real Estate or Cash to a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation in exchange immediate and future tax reduction plus taxed favored guaranteed income for life or set number of years. Because there is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation there is an immediate income tax deduction, capital gains tax reduction, depreciation recapture tax reduction plus estate tax reduction and stealth tax bracket reduction are potentially relieved for owners and beneficiaries.

         Immediate Tax Reduction Saves Taxes, Time and Expense

         Guaranteed & Insured Income from Proceeds & Contributions

         Manages Inheritance for Heirs & Beneficiaries as You Wish

         Prevent Inheritance Disagreements and Minimize Family Conflicts

         Avoid Probate Expense & Time while Maintaining Confidentiality

         Ideal Retirement Simplified Managed Process

         Experienced & Proven Planning Provides Legacy


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Plus Guaranteed & Insured Income


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Assure Moving Assets In Your Estate To Your Loved Ones,

Beneficiaries or Gift For Your Legacy without Inheritance Conflict

Maintain Efficient Guaranteed Income and Wealth

A LegacyChange Plan is a Preferred Method for Estate Planning 

Efficient Asset Money Management

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LegacyChange Plans are not FDIC insured or Investments

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