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Each individual's personal LegacyChange Plan can involve a simple transfer of assets such as Securities, Annuities, Real Estate or Cash to a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation in exchange for an immediate or deferred, taxed favored income for life or set number of years. Because there is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation there is an income tax deduction, capital gains reduction and estate tax reduction. Gain Tax for Annuities plus Recapture Tax for other properties are relieved for owners and beneficiaries.

Can Prevent Inheritance Disagreements and Family Conflict






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Incentive Plan


Flexible, Individualized Guaranteed Income & Economical Transfer Services


Simplifies Directing Assets From Will Transfers


Minimize-Prevent Family Conflict


Save Tax - Avoid Probate


Eliminates Many Trust Documents


Ideal Retirement Managed Process


Experienced & Proven Planning


Asset Transfer

Non-Tax Burden

Gifting Legacy


Reduce Tax  Plus Guaranteed




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Minimize Conflict


Assure Moving Assets In Your EstateTo Your Loved Ones,

Beneficiaries or Gift For Your Legacy without Inheritance Conflict

Maintain Efficient Guaranteed Income and Wealth

A LegacyChange Plan is a Preferred Method for Estate Planning 

Efficient Wealth Management

Assisting to Preserve and Maintain Client Wealth

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