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The Eternal Legacy Trust or "Perpetual Trust" for the Affluent Wishing an Eternal Gifting Legacy



Serving Families in Perpetuity


Provide unparalleled trust services delivering value to the client


No investment and/or insurance products no conflict


Create a pleasant user-friendly client experience


Ability to make informed but quick decisions


Design trust products and services by listening to our clients


Customized trust services (not cookie cutter)


Continually upgrading services to maintain market edge


Provide a substantial "no state taxable" presence regarding trust administration


Offer unparalleled experience in trust situs


Remain a top-rated trust, asset protection, privacy and tax jurisdiction


No sales quotas New business flow results from above philosophy


For more detail about a personal trust Please contact us.

We ask goals to retain an estate professional for a no fee first

interview to find if any alternatives may be considered as:


Directed Trusts

Regulated Private Family Trust Co.

Unregulated Private Family Trust Co.

Trusts for International Families


We wish to be frugal with your time, our time and 

estate attorney time to find qualifications.


With no Trust but a will, how does one relieve the probable long expensive Probate process?

  1. One can consider a LegacyChange Plan to economically ease and shorten the Probate process.
  2. Write a Living Trust or Other Trust. The most straightforward way to avoid probate is simply to consider a Living Trust. The EternalLegacyTrust is generally for larger estates.
  3. Name beneficiaries on your retirement and bank accounts.
  4. Joint Tenancy with a Right of Survivorship.


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