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ActiveBlendz™ Fiber+

Flavor-bursting sweet peaches and exotic mangos are paired to perfection in a delicious fiber drink mix that does so much more than get and keep your digestive tract moving.

Featuring AB Phyto BlendFiber+ delivers five (5g) grams of fiber and 750 mg of plant sterols in every delicious serving to aid in weight loss, provide superior cardiovascular support and so much more!*


ActiveBlendz™ Fiber helps:

Provide a feeling of fullness or satiety.*

Promotes cardiovascular health.*

Minimize absorption of (bad) cholesterol.*

Helps maintain HDL (good) cholesterol or triglycerides.*

Stabilize healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels.*

High-Fiber Diet and Weight Loss

Losing weight can be tricky and sometimes confusing, especially if you get caught up in the latest fad, magic pill or Hollywood diet. We're firm believers in keeping things simple and staying with what works—like adding more fiber to your diet. Most American diets lack fiber, consuming less than a third of the 25 g (women) to 38 g (men) recommended by organizations like the Institute of Medicine. There's plenty of science behind adding fiber to your diet. A recent study found that people who added more of it to their diets—without changing anything else—lost almost as much weight as people who followed the heart-healthy, low-fat eating plan recommended by the American Heart Association. The study added to a growing body of evidence that people who eat more fiber tend to have a healthier body weight.

How Does Fiber Help with Weight Loss?

Fiber has no magical fat-burning properties. It helps you feel full and satisfied without adding a lot of extra calories to your diet. The great news is, that feeling of fullness doesn't just send a message to your brain to stop eating, it also slows the absorption of sugars, decreasing your body's likelihood of storing undigested fats. If you really want to see what your fiber is capable of doing, make sure you're drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to move the fiber through your digestive system and control your thirst, which can often be confused with hunger.

This Fiber Loves Your Heart with Plant Sterols

You may have heard of them. You have no doubt eaten them. And if you want to lower your high cholesterol, you definitely need more of them. We're talking about plant sterols. And it's not just your vegetarians and health professionals that are singing the praises of plant sterols. Even the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes the overwhelming evidence of health benefits, allowing products that include .65 g per serving of plant sterols to feature the following health claim: "Foods containing at least 0.65 g per serving of plant sterol esters, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 1.3 g, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease."

Javita's ActiveBlendz Fiber+ delivers .75 g of plant sterols per serving, consumed twice daily it provides 1.5 g of plant sterols to aid your daily wellness, heart-healthy endeavors.

They're not exactly the sexiest-sounding health nutrients out there, but getting friendlier with them now can influence your health today and for decades to come. On a molecular level, sterols and stanols look a lot like cholesterol. So when they travel through your digestive tract, they get in the way. They can prevent real cholesterol from being absorbed into your bloodstream. Instead of clogging up your arteries, the cholesterol just goes out with the waste. Research has shown a direct line between plant sterols and lowering LDL, or "bad," cholesterol. Next Page>>

Experts have been studying the effects of food fortified with plant sterols for decades. One important study of people with high cholesterol found that less than an ounce of stanol-fortified margarine a day could lower "bad" LDL cholesterol by 14%. The results were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. A more recent study from the University of California Davis Medical Center looked at the effects of sterol-fortified orange juice. Of 72 adults, half received regular orange juice and half the fortified OJ. After just two weeks, the people who drank the stanol-fortified juice had a 12.4% drop in their LDL cholesterol levels. The results were published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.

ActiveBlendz Fiber+ is sure to become your new BFF, and go-to secret weapon for getting fit and healthy.



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