Energy Opportunities

The INTEGRATED Energy Group (IEG) is comprised of both management and investment banking specialists whose focus is to take advantage of current and future opportunities in the energy sector specifically oil, natural gas, oil service businesses and select alternative energy opportunities. Primary activity areas within the United States are in the Permian Basin, the Gulf and southern regions of Texas, and the Mid-continent, with emphasis on oil and gas development and selected midstream support service opportunities.

Because of the established relationships with proven global and regional independent operators, IEG is able to provide our clients with total energy investment applications for tax and estate planning with emphasis on safety, income and long-term wealth creation.

Integrated Energy will often create partnering opportunities with our industry contacts in the energy space for family offices, private investment groups or consortiums of high net worth individuals. This allows the opportunity and basis for continual development of private energy projects designed to balance portfolio expansion within the energy investment sector. It also allows energy to serve as a valuable component of tax planning, income sheltering and above average wealth accumulation with safety and capital protection.




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