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TechMatch Warrants for TechMatch Independent Contractors

Under Section 83 of the U.S. tax code, the warrants must have been issued in connection with the performance of a service and not for any other purpose or in any other capacity other than employee or independent contractor.


Warrant holders should consider to exercise their options before the expiration of the warrant period, since the warrant in itself is not property. If the warrant holder decides to hold onto the stock until the redemption period, the difference between the market price and the value of the underlying stock at the time of exercising the right may either be a capital gain or a capital loss. Capital gains are taxable in the year they are received as income, and capital losses may be deducted from the income tax returns of the warrant holder in the year redeemed.


Matching technology to people and companies

TechMatch involves marketing, matching and merging expertise of innovation, research and technology.


TechMatch clients, associates and independent contractors are researchers, inventors and innovators with minimum marketing time.


Mission: Commercialization of innovative ideas & proven research merging and contracting innovative ideas


Commercialization goal: Improve business efficiency to cleanse the world environment for water, food & air.


TechMatch and TechMatch associates have experience to match and place technical entities.


Integrity *  Confidentiality * Experience



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